Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book & Movie of the Month: April 2012

Book of the Month is a monthly event, hosted by Book Whales. This is done to highlight one of the books read in the previous month.

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As most of you already know, I normally post book reviews on Wednesdays. I am currently in the middle of reading Zero by Tom Leveen, and the book I finished last week called Hollyweird by Terri Clark hits bookshelves next week. It only makes sense to wait to post my review for Hollyweird next Wednesday.

In the meantime, it's a new month, which means it's time to share with everyone my favorite book of April. To spice things up a bit since my blog is not only just about books, I will also be nominating 1 movie that I watched in the month of April that is worth highlighting.

Thanks and here are my April picks for best book & movie!

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One of the best books I've read in April is:

Emerald City by: Alicia K. Leppert
Read My Review: HERE

Why you need to read Emerald City: Even though this book received a lower rating them another book I read in April, Emerald City still has a lot to offer, especially if it falls in the hands of the right audience. It's about a girl who, after losing everyone she has ever loved, including her mother to suicide, she decides one night to take her own life. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital and being told that she has been saved by her "neighbor". As she recovers emotionally, mentally, and physically, she finds herself attracted to Jude, her mysterious savior and learns that he is no ordinary human... Check out my review for more!

One of the best movies I've watched in April is:

We Bought A Zoo
Starring: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson

Why you should see We Bought A Zoo: I actually had planned on reviewing this movie a couple of weeks ago but I have been so busy that sadly the movie section of my blog has been neglected. So this is a great way to recommend this movie to everyone! Based on a true story, We Bought a Zoo is about Benjamin Me, a man who, after losing his wife, decides him and his children need a change. He ends up buying a house which just so happens to be attached to a rundown, abandoned zoo. With the help of only a handful of zookeepers that stayed on without any compensation, Benjamin and his children decide to fix the zoo for eventual reopening and in the process, start to heal their broken hearts. Before watching the film, I wondered why some people hated it. I found out that many viewers went into the movie thinking it was going to be a straight up family comedy. While there are funny parts, this is more of a family drama that pulls on the heartstrings. A very heartwarming film that is brought to life with great performances by both man and beast.

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So what are your April picks for best Book & Movie of the Month?


  1. I loved We bought a Zoo, I watched with my sisters and we all ended up enjoying it a lot!
    I haven't heard of Esmerald city, but I'll give a try as soon as I can!

    1. Aww, that's awesome you watched and liked We Bought A Zoo! I loved it too!

      As always, it's a pleasure when you stop by!

      <3 Mia

  2. So many awesome books that are coming out. :)

    Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog Bittersweet Enchantment

    Nikki is doing a lot better. Thank you for being so sweet and sending well wishes.
    - Beckie

    1. Hey Becky!

      No problem and anytime! I love animals and like I said, I have a dog and a cat of my own and when they are sick, it's just like a member of the family being sick.

      Glad Nikki is doing better!


  3. Great pick Mia! Omigosh, I love that movie!!! :D Feel free to make an icon for your Movie of the Month too :D -TheUnseelieNerd

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    1. Thanks, Gwynneth!

      I am your newest follower, too!

  5. Hi Mia!

    I found your blog through Blogaholic Social Network and thought I'd come and check it out. I love how you used the Muses! Yours is the first blog I've come across that reviews and discusses all forms of art. Great job. Will be following you :)


    1. Hey Adria!

      I am just blown away that you have the same name as my best friend! Adria is such a rare name, so at first I thought it was her leaving a comment on my blog!

      Thanks for the follow and the kind words! I am your newest follower as well!

      Keep in touch!