Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Sick Muse

Hello my poor, neglected Muses.

I am sure some of you have been wondering where the hell I disappeared to. I know it's not uncommon for me to go ghost for a week or two, but I normally will let you guys know it's because I need a break or just got busy with trying to juggle working 2 jobs and the blog.

Sadly, the reason behind my recent absent has been a bit more serious. I ended up getting severely sick, so sick I spend a few days in the hospital last week. YES, I am okay and somewhat on the mend. So now you are probably wondering what kind of sickness? Well, I wish I could give you a definite answer. My doctors and I personally think it's Mono (Mononucleosis), but the tests have come back negative. However, I've heard that negative test results is not uncommon when it comes to Mono, so I am trying to stay positive-- who the hell would want something worse than Mono, right?

I am going to spare everyone the gory details of my illness, but if anyone has ever had Mono, then you know one of the most common symptoms is fatigue. I've been so disgustingly tired, no energy, so that is one of the biggest reasons why I haven't been able to update my blog. It's been very frustrating because I felt like I was finally back to keeping up with reviews and requests and BOOM, had to get seriously sick. BLAH!!!!

Okay, so I am going to try to stay positive by telling you guys about some upcoming goodies that you can look forward to seeing on my blog in the coming weeks. As most of you already know, I read and fell in love with Matthew Dicks' Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend which I reviewed HERE. I've been in contact with Matthew Dicks and he not only completed an author Q&A, but has given me a signed copy of his book to use as a Giveaway! So stay tuned for that! Also, I have finished reading Shadows Cast By Stars by Catherine Knutsson which also blew me away. She agreed to do an author Q&A and Giveaway as well!

So I have some great things lined up. I just need to find the energy to get things up and posted. The good news is, I've been trying to use this downtime to read books that I've been dying to read but haven't had the time to since I normally read ARCS for review or review for requests. It's nice to just read for the pleasure, to grab a random book off my shelf instead of limiting myself to what I HAVE to read. But don't get me wrong. I love reading ARCS and I love getting author requests and helping out in authors in my unique way. But sometimes a girl just needs time to herself. So I am trying to look at the positive in this very depressing situation I find myself in.

I will slowly be making some much needed updates and changes to my blog. Hopefully by next week I can post Matthew Dicks' author Q&A as well as the Giveaway. I want to thank everyone for hanging in there and still stopping by. I promise to start slowly making my rounds to stop by and see what everyone has been up to. I've missed the blog world and my Muses!

Best Wishes,