Thursday, August 30, 2012

True Blood: Season 5 Finale: What Did You Think?

No book review today, but my brain is still thinking about True Blood's Season 5 Finale. All I can say is...WOW! This season started off with potential, then somewhere in the middle things got a little shaky which scared me since I absolutely LOVE True Blood. But the last 2 episodes redeemed the hot mess in the middle.

I tried to think of a way for me to make a post without giving away major spoilers. So, below I listed some of the characters with memorable quotes from the finale. Okay, maybe they aren't all memorable lines, but think of it as a puzzle that needs to be put together!


Bill(ith): "Vampires sometimes turn on the ones they love the most."

Sookie: "What the fuck??"

Eric: "RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lafayette: "I did NOT see that shit coming."

Maurella: "My 'light' broke!"

Andy: "You're leaving them with me???"

Holly: "You're a DICK!"

Tara: "They got Pam."

Pam: "Mmmm...."

Jessica: "I KNEW IT!" 

Sam: "Bzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Alcide: "Tonight we choose pack!"

Jason: "I could never love a vampire."

Yup, that about sums up the Season 5 Finale. So of course I want to know what everyone thinks! Did you like this season? Did you like the finale? If not, why?

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  1. Hi there Mia,

    The reason I watch this series is because of Eric LOL. I recently put your blog on my fave blog list which you could find on the right side of my blog :D