Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Guest Blogger: Jake Henderson!

Happy Friday, Muses!

Instead of my normal "Cover Art Friday" post, I decided to introduce everyone to my next guest blogger, my close friend and co-worker, Jake Henderson! I am very lucky to have Jake in my life, not only as a great friend, but as a way to help me balance things out on my blog. Here's why. I am a very open-minded person as many of you can tell. But I do have a few downfalls, one of them being I am not a huge horror fan. Jake's area of expertise just so happens to be anything horror! Yes, I know he looks young, but don't judge a book by its cover! Trust me, he knows his stuff and then some!

There is one thing about me that you all must know-- I am not an attention hog! First of all, I like to inform people of the unknown (must be the teacher in me!). If it is a topic I am not too familiar with, I will either do lots of research to make sure I am giving everyone the correct information or I turn over the reigns to people that are experts in those particular areas. I am lucky to be surrounded by creative, unique individuals, like Jake, that are willing to help me out by bringing their own fresh ideas and experience to my blog.

Anyway! Tomorrow I will be adding Jake's post on female exploitation films, a very controversial genre, followed by his review of one of these movies.

Without further adieu, I introduce you to Jake Henderson!

Hey everyone! Jake here. I am the resident horror addict at The Muses Circle and am extremely honored that Mia picked me to be one of her guest bloggers. I am 18 and lead a pretty normal life. I am currently attempting to go to Film School in hopes of eventually become a Film Archivist or preservationist. When I am not working I love to curl up with a good 80's movie. However, I also love me some 70's flicks too! Italy definitely produces the best Cinema has to offer as far as I am concerned. As far as books go I love to read about film and true crime. I also do not mind the occasional Drama. You can expect to see a slew of horror and exploitation reviews from me. I look forward to contributing to this wonderful blog!


P.S. I can be contacted through my Facebook HERE and my very own blog HERE.... But I must warn you, it's sorta under construction at the moment!

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  1. Hi Mia. Look forward to seeing Jake here tomorrow. Thanks for the invite!