Friday, January 20, 2012

It's That Time...COVER ART FRIDAY!

Happy Friday! So today I thought it would be cool to not only show you some pretty cool cover art, but also shine some light on this YA Science Fiction book series that's been getting a lot of attention lately. The first book in the series by David Macinnis Gill is called Black Hole Sun. It was published in 2010 in hardback. Check out the original cover below:

Pretty hideous, right? I think the author and the publishing company figured that out too. This apparently happens a lot to some authors who have no control over what cover art they get. I know that the original cover art for Simone Elkeles' book called Leaving Paradise was ungodly as well. Once she became more popular, she begged for new artwork because she was positive that the reason the book had poor sales was because people were just passing the book by since the cover wasn't eye catching enough. As soon as they reissued the book with different artwork, the book flew off the shelves. Now it's one of her most popular titles! This is probably what happened to Black Hole Sun. Because check out the new cover art for the reissue:

Much better, right??? More then much better! It's just yummy to look at. On February 28th, the paperback version of Black Hole Sun will hit the shelves.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Durango is the 16-year-old chief of a team of mercenaries who eke out a living on Mars by earning meager commissions for their dangerous work. Their current job, and the main thrust of this high-energy, action-filled, science-fiction romp, is to protect South Pole miners from the Dræu, a cannibalistic group who are after the miners' treasure. Two feisty women help Durango lead. Second-in-command Vienne and Durango care more for each other than either wants to admit, although there is little time for romance amid all the flying bullets and detonating bombs. Mimi, the other central woman and Durango's former chief, is now implanted in his brain as an artificial intelligence. Durango is playing the cards he was dealt. And it’s not a good hand.
He’s lost his family.
He’s lost his crew.
And he’s got the scars to prove it.
You don’t want to mess with Durango.

And if you want more Durango check out....

Invisible Sun, book #2! Yes, that's right. Book #2 hits shelves on March 27th, a month after the paperback version of Black Hole Sun gets released. Another stunning cover art, right? But there is a catch. Invisible Sun is being released in hardback. So for all of you book collectors out there that likes to try to keep their collection either all in paperback or all in hardback, I guess you will have to wait until this one goes to paperback :( That could take months. Here is the synopsis for book 2:

Obsessed with MUSE, the clandestine project that created the AI in his brain, mercenary chief Durango draws the ire of the government when he steals part of the secret project data and hightails it with his lieutenant, Vienne, to an ancient monastery. There, he meets the monks who raised Vienne from an orphan and also encounters soldiers working for his old nemesis, the crime lord Mr. Lyme. Lyme controls the territory surrounding the monastery, as well as the datacenters housing the rest of MUSE.

Undeterred, Durango and Vienne pull off an ill-advised raid on Lyme’s complex. During the ensuing battle, however, Vienne is captured, and Durango is beaten and left for dead. Now, wounded and shaken, Durango must overcome bounty hunters, treacherous terrain, a full scale civil war, and a warrior monk with an eye for vengeance (not to mention his own guilt, self-doubt, and broken arm) to find Vienne and free her from Archibald, a brain-washing pyromaniac with a Napoleon complex who wants to rule Mars--and kill Durango in the process.

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