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*BOOK BLITZ* Dark Days Remy Broulette by: Hargrove Perth + Giveaway!


The constitution of a man is not always defined by his destiny but occasionally by the circumstances of the life he has lived. Part Choctaw Spirit Walker and part French, Remy is born into two worlds belonging to none. Such is the life of Remy Broulette. An unfortunate series of events leads to his eventual demise and rebirth - a rebirth which resulted in his immortality. Condemned to feed on the souls of others for all eternity, Remy lives a life of uncontrollable, wanton lust and debauchery without regret, and is bent on destruction over what he cannot forget and what he cannot forgive - until the young Revel DeMarquis enters his life. What will happen when immortal becomes pitted against immortal when the fight for Remy's soul begins and who will be left standing in the aftermath as the immortals of New Orleans are forced to choose sides?


The constitution of a man is not always defined by his destiny but occasionally by the circumstances of the life he has lived. Revel DeMarquis stood watching as the waves lapped against the shore depositing copious amounts of shells and seaweed now that the storm had lessened. The sun was beginning to rise as he lifted the window allowing the salty scent of the ocean to fill his room. The air was heavy and dense as it rolled through Royal Street and into the French Quarter, nearly so thick it was difficult to breathe. The heaviness of the waves had ceased and was replaced with the placid rolling of the inward bay. Beams of the breaking dawn shed their light across the caps coloring them with tinges of red, crimson, and orange.

His moment of bliss, enjoying the city as it was meant to be enjoyed, was broken by the harrowing screams of Remy Broulette. It was common and occurred every morning with the same result. Revel hastened his pace, picking up a towel before exiting his room, to walk the long corridor to the room of his friend.

Remy stood in the corner gasping for air. His eyes were wild, nearly feral, as they swept the room. The full length of his hair was dripping with sweat. It was a scene Revel DeMarquis had witnessed a million times before. Remy seized the towel from his hand and stormed out of the room, slamming the door to the lavatory behind him. The sound of water was not enough to drown out his angry screams.

Revel walked to the end of the corridor and stood at the top of the spiral staircase looking at the fortune they had amassed during their lifetime.

“It means nothing without your happiness and peace remaining elusive,” Revel whispered before descending the staircase and meeting their butler at the base of the stairs.

“Ambrulle, please make Master Remy his usual breakfast.”

“Yes, sir, and what do you wish for breakfast this morning?”

“I will have the same as Remy, if you please.”

“Certainly, Master Revel; do you wish me to bring it to his room or will you be serving Master Remy this morning?”

“I will accompany you to the kitchen. It is not necessary for you to bring our morning meal upstairs.”

“As you wish sir,” Ambrulle replied courteously.

Revel followed closely until they reached the kitchen where he choose to sit at the small table that was usually reserved for the servants. “How long have you been with us now, Ambrulle?”

“I cannot say I have tallied the years, sir. My life with you and Master Remy has been a pleasant one. The years only need be counted when the memories are unhappy ones, sir.”

Revel reached across the table, laughing loudly, and set the percolator on the silver breakfast tray.“Is it French Roast this morning?” He asked.

“No sir, given how much alcohol Master Remy consumed last evening, I made the choice to brew coffee that is a bit more robust. It is recently arrived yesterday from Jamaica.”

The aroma filled the kitchen with a hearty bouquet that was somewhat pungent and slightly sweet. Royal Street was beginning to bustle as the city awoke. The sounds of women chatting as their laundry was hung on the balconies filled the air along with the scent of fine cigars being smoked by their husbands as they stood outside.

Ambrulle placed two linen napkins on the tray before handing it to Revel.

“Thank you, Ambrulle, I do not know if it is said enough, but you are our family.”

“Thank you sir, I shall be along with Master Remy’s suit in an hour.”

Revel’s thoughts drifted while ascending the stairs, considering how much longer they would remain in the French Quarter. It seemed they had outlived their welcome in the heart of New Orleans and were now nothing but relics. Few of the people they had once known were still alive, even fewer had stayed on in the city since the outbreak.

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Title: Dark Days Remy Broulette (Dark Days, #1)
Genre: Paranormal, Horror
Release Date: 19th June 2014

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Hargrove Perth writes dark romance, horror, and young adult horror. Her inspiration comes from the classic authors of the Victorian era who pushed the borders of writing through their semi-erotic dark novels. With a penchant for writing all things dark, her novels are an unusual blend of historical and fictional characters set in the past where her creations come to life in ways un-imaginable. A resident of the Mid-West, she refers to herself as a bit of a gypsy, never residing in one place too long to get bored. She currently has two books published with four more due to be released in 2014 and is an Amazon Top 100 Seller as well as an Award Winning Author.

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  1. That cover is creepy! Thanks for the excerpt.

  2. I agree with Jennifer, but I love it.

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    1. Ha! Yes, it definitely is a bit creepy, but the author is quite talented. I believe she did the cover herself! :D

  3. Sounds fascinating, even my gram is interested in reading this:)!

  4. Congrats to Hargrove Perth on the release of Dark Days Remy Broulette. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. I love the New Orleans setting.

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