Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book of the Month: March 2012

Book of the Month is a monthly event, hosted by Book Whales. This is done to highlight one of the books read in the previous month.

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I just wanted to thank everyone over at Book Whales for creating and sharing this neat Book of the Month event! It's a great way to sort of sum up your reading experience for the previous month.

I also wanted to thank everyone who has signed up for my "Book-to-Movie" E-book Giveaway that is still going on until April 14th. I've been receiving great, positive responses-- so much so that there definitely will be a 2nd winner! More details to come on Monday, but if you haven't signed up yet for the giveaway, go HERE for more details! Thanks and here is my March Book(s) of the Month!

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One of the best books I've read in March is:
Read My Review: HERE

Why you need to check it out: If you like hip hop, break dancing, and graffiti art, learning about a different place and culture, first love/love at first site, then you will fall under Tama Wise's spell. Check out my review for more!

An honorable mention has to go to:
KATANA by: Cole Gibsen
Read My Review: HERE

Why an honorable mention? Katana earned a 5 star rating from me and I enjoyed it immensely! It's a solid YA novel packed with action, laugh-out-loud moments, and a romance that transcends time (literally)! Kill Bill meets Buffy? How about, Kill Bill meets Buffy who meets Samurai Girl? Check out my review for more!

So what is your Book of the Month for March??


  1. I'am a huge fan of Cole Gibsen. I've read her book, Breathless. I also gave it 5 stars. Will put Katana on my reading list. As for your "Movie of the Month", please do email us. We are happy to help you out. :D-TheUnseelieNerd